Who We Are

We put trust back in Trusted Advisor


Our Business is Being on Your Team

V3 Technology is a small but powerful group of telecom and IT veterans with over 70 years combined experience working for and with service providers to help our customers get the most out of their IT and telecom infrastructure while they invest the least amount of their time and resources.

Our Vision

Do yourself a favor. Don’t do it yourself. 

Procuring and managing IT and telecom services take a highly specialized set of skills and bases of knowledge to get optimal results. That talent is hard to find, and expensive to acquire. And does it really add much value to the enterprise? 

V3 Technology wants IT leaders at large enterprises to be able to focus on implementing change and capabilities that will empower the enterprise. By working with V3, your IT talent can keep their eye on the prize while we keep an eye on everything else.


Our Commitment to You

Technology drives enterprises forward and enables them to compete in today’s fast-paced market. Our team will help you ensure that you always have the right technology in place as a foundation for building the applications, empowering your users, and creating customer experiences that will give the business the advantage it needs. 

Without compromise, without fail.

Complexity simplified.

We’re technical talent for hire, able to navigate the newest technologies to design solutions for your most complex applications.

Issues resolved.

We know how to quickly navigate persistent billing or other administrative issues that you’re struggling to resolve with providers.

Partnerships explored.

We take pride in the solutions and partners we bring into your world. We ethically pit the industry against itself.

Resources redeployed.

Resources redeployed.

Outsourcing the management of your IT environment and telecom infrastructure to V3 lets you keep your team focused on core competencies.

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